KibbleHub Coming Summer 2013 or Was it?



  • With more than 50,000 pet food suppliers in 50 cities, KibbleHub guarantees satisfaction for your pet’s discerning palate.
  • Certified organic packaging materials allow your hungry pet to open all orders without digestive or health concerns.
  • Finely calibrated touch screen technology ensures easy item selection and checkout for your furry friend.
  • Just like our human-user service, KibbleHub is completely free to use and supported by a 24/7 all-pet customer service staff.

Days after April first, there were still lots of April Fool’s Day pranks floating around on the WWW. One of our favorites went to GrubHub for their pseudo service called KibbleHub.

As most of you know, GrubHub is a website that allows free online ordering from restaurants near you! With more than 30000 restaurants in 500+ cities, food delivery or takeout is just a click away. So if you can order food for yourself, why shouldn't you be able to train your pet cat or dog to order kibble and other treats for themselves. It would take a few training sessions of them to learn how to use an electronic devise such as an ipad or other tablet computer plus the KibbleHub app, and your pet can order delivery, allowing you to relax. You would be free of worry should you ever forget to feed them or needed to stay one more night away on a business trip. You might want to put a limit on their/ your credit card so they couldn't go overboard on ordering, but that is a minor issue.

KibbleHub would give dogs and cats the power to take meal planning into their paws.

It was hilarious as you can see from either watching the video below or reading the transcript. When the original site for this prank became available, we just knew that we needed to buy it and repost as much content as possible from the archived site and other sources. Enjoy, laugh, but do not be pranked, as were a number of folks.




English (Automatic Captions)
when we created grandfather was born of a desire to connect hungry diners to the
food a lot of
even as we experience continued success making take out better for people
we discovered a completely untapped market one that was sitting next to us
tired so this summer launching a brand new service called
cybil hop cable had connects your pets to the food day love and lets them place
an order online
for immediate delivery with more than 50,000 pet food supplier signed up
across the country
they're great options available for every palate for years
we accepted that feeling are packed with a simple as opening a bag
for him all we forget interactions are psychologically damaging
can create I don't wanna say oppressive relationship but certainly one where
one party for all the power over the other the idea is simple:
free power loyal friends with the freedom of choice to grasp that freedom
with both parts
got a simple fight app interface fully optimized to create an intuitive
for cats and dogs like integrating human technology
to animal decision-making process certainly brought new challenges
however with perseverance and a few treats
bring hot to touch screen in a meaningful way for the first time
the same leading-edge technology that powers GrubHub
isn't ideal match for this new democrat we've leveraged
years industry expertise to create a product that we think
will revolutionize our pets place in interconnected world
join us as we cast of our leases and step boldly
into the future cybil up




So, you clicked that, huh? Probably time we let you in on a little secret: this whole KibbleHub thing…it’s a ruse. Which is different than a lie, but equally as untrue.

Anyway, we recommend you join the waiting list regardless. You never know, right? And you can help us keep the KibbleHub dream afloat by sharing KibbleHub without mentioning this part of it…